Tack vare program som Sida stödjer så har Leonzo Bravo och många andra jordbrukarfamiljer i Guatemala lärt sig mer om ekologiskt jordbruk. Genom sina odlingar har de ökat sina inkomster.

Since the family Bravo in Guatemala through Sida's support learned about organic farming, their incomes have increased and their health has improved. And the oldest son has decided to become an agronomist.

Photo: Ylva Sahlstrand

Latin America

Regional cooperation in Latin America

Updated: 4 August 2015

Nearly one third of the population in Latin America lives in poverty, but the situation is improving. The number of poor fell in 2012 to the lowest level in over 30 years according to the UN, but the growth is unevenly distributed and discrimination is widespread. Sida no longer has any region-wide cooperation in the region, but has bilateral cooperation with three countries.

The regional cooperation in Latin America was phased out in 2010, and the experiences from there have been documented in a report. As part of the regional cooperation, we have supported institutions to promote human rights and democracy, and worked to strengthen civil society and improve equality. Human rights and democracy have been the starting point for all our operations. Within social rights, the Swedish development cooperation has focused on youth’s health and sexual and reproductive rights. To strengthen the conditions for peace and security, our support has focused on creating a better regulation against the arms trade, human rights training for police and military as well as highlighting at a regional level the issue of children in organized armed violence.

Rapidly growing cities is a common problem in Latin America. It requires efforts to support the right to housing and efforts to mobilize the population in strengthening infrastructure including municipal services like water, sewage and house building.

Research institutions and networks have received support for social science research on democracy, human rights and environmental economics, and support to develop knowledge about how to prevent and manage natural disasters.

The Regional Programme for Environment and Natural Resources has focused on joint analysis, education, coordination and experience sharing in order to make the use of natural resources in the region more sustainable.

The Swedish regional efforts have increasingly been coordinated with other donors, especially the Nordic ones. This has resulted in many positive outcomes – for the programmes’ target groups, the donors and the partner organisation. Many of the regional programmes continue to work for democracy, human rights and gender equality in other forms, and in some cases with other donors.

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