Lina Andéer och Yllka Soba jobbar för Kvinna till Kvinna som stöder Kvinnocentret Liria i Kosovo. Här tillsammans med Lirias föreståndaren Nazife Jonuzi (mitten).

Lina Spirit and Yllka Soba work for Woman to Woman, that supports the Women's Centre Liria in Kosovo. This together with Liria manager Nazif Jonuzi (middle).

Photo: Kerstin Back/Sida


Male violence against women in Kosovo

Updated: 26 June 2014


In Kosovo, the rights of women and girls are severely neglected. Domestic violence against women is commonplace and they are marginalized socially, economically and culturally. The Kvinna till Kvinna (‘Woman to Woman’) Foundation collaborates with several women's organizations across the country, one of these being Liria.
 Liria takes in women who have been victims of trafficking or maltreatment. The women's centre was opened in 1999, and today it has ten employees. They offer legal advice, psychological support, courses and shelter. They also campaign to make people aware of women's rights and to influence society's view of the problem.
 Liria has also participated in the preparation of a new law which will increase women's rights and provide better protection against domestic violence; the ”Law against Domestic Violence” (LPDV).


Sida supports the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation's work in Kosovo. Liria is one of the women's organizations that they work with. Liria works, both locally and on a political level, to counteract male violence against women.

How much?

Sida's aid contribution to the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation's collaboration with Liria in Kosovo amounts to more than SEK 4.5 million, to cover the period 2000-2010.


  • Liria has participated in the preparation of a new law concerning women's rights, the ”Law against Domestic Violence” (LPDV).
  • They have campaigned for women's rights and against domestic violence.
  • Liria is working towards increasing trust between the Albanian and Serbian women in Kosovo.
  • They have organized computer and sewing courses for 6, 380 women.
  • Liria has given legal and psychological support to 8, 760 women.
  • They have received 530 women and 130 children.


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