A sample of results

Some of our programmes and projects in Iraq, and results of this cooperation:

  • The on-going and escalating conflicts in Iraq have caused a dramatic increase in the number of refugees and many are forced to flee through areas that are heavily mined. Sida supports organisations working with demining and to educate about the dangers of landmines in Iraq.
  • We help develop Iraq's private business sector - in a country where 65 percent of the workforce are government employees and an estimated 80 percent of public companies are not commercially viable. Reforms and direct support makes them more competitive.
  • The Swedish Academy for Training is an innovative collaboration which offers young unemployed Iraqis a chance to build their capacity and to find jobs. The project is a joint collaboration between Sida, the truck manufacturer Scania, EF, UNIDO and the Kurdistan Regional Government. The academy offers training in basic mechanics, computing and English for students from all parts of Iraq.