Bön för fred i den katolska kyrkan El Kepeaya i Khartoum, Sudan.

Prayer for peace in the Catholic El Kepeaya in Khartoum. Religious associations can play a key role in a peace process.

Photo: Phillip Dhil/EPA/Scanpix

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The Church contributes to peace in Sudan

Updated: 15 August 2014

Religious associations can play a key role in a peace process. One example is Sudan, where the country’s Christian Council is working to overcome religious and ethnic opposition between different groups.

The Swedish Church’s Lutherhjälpen aid organisation supports this initiative, which is also financed by Sweden and Sida.

This involves, for example, supporting social work among the country’s many internal refugees and creating forums for dialogue and conflict resolution between Christians and Muslim groups.

No religious perspective
The aim is to overcome ethnic and local conflicts, says Joy Kwaje from Sudan’s Christian Council. 

”We have sat down and discussed peace-related issues without coming at things from a religious perspective,” she says. “We have come together as women in need of solidarity and not as Christians or Muslims.”

Widespread poverty
The peace agreement between the Sudanese government and the rebel forces in the southern parts of the country of course mark a much welcome end to the disputes and conflicts that have resulted in millions of people being killed or forced to flee.

But there is still a great need for support and humanitarian work in a country with widespread poverty and where large sections of the population do not have access to clean water and toilets.

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