In 2013, Adao Joao Paia joined the HOPEM Men for Change Network. His views on the role of women and men in society changed dramatically.

Photo: Kate Thomas


Men working for equality

Updated: 9 June 2014


HOPEM is an initiative under a broader civil society support programme (AGIR) that provides institutional support and capacity building to over 60 key civil society organisations in Mozambique who work in the area of human rights, participation, accountability, and transparency.

How much?

Sida supports HOPEM with 2 400 000 Swedish crowns from August 2012 to August 2014.


The programme is run by Oxfam


Most of the Swedish support to HOPEM has gone to strengthening the organisation and improving its capacity, both thematic and institutional. HOPEM has over the past two years set four broad results areas and here are some of the latest outputs:

  • Gender Based Violence (GBV) – conducted and created ‘mens education groups’ as well as ‘reflective groups on masculinity’ and trained facilitators. They have trained 25 facilitators and had 1 course on masculinity. Both types of groups (5 in total) are  now operational and have reached some 110 active participants (community members) in three suburbs of Maputo. They have had 2 sessions and trained 6 members of civil society organisations in the involvement of men and the transformation of gender norms. They organized 2 sessions on GBV where 65 community leaders, religious leaders, police and health care staff were trained in two cities
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) – have capacitated 60 community leaders in the districts of Xai-Xai and Macia in involving men in both family planning and SRHR.
  • Advocacy – they initiated a research project on masculinity in four provinces including the city of Maputo, developed a regular bulletin or newsletter entitled ‘being a man’, had 4 editions of the ‘men in the kitchen’ project reaching over 200 men, 3 editions of the ‘men who are men’ project reaching 500 people, regular sessions in the ‘art against violence’ project reaching 8 cultural groups and over a 100 artists
  • Communication – participated in four national radio broadcast programmes and published 4 articles in the local media

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