Evaluation of the Sida supported programme “International Science Programme 2014–2018”

Final Report

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Series number:
June 2018
Adam Pain , Trish Silkin , Gonçalo Carneiro
The International Science Programme (ISP) at Uppsala University provides long-term funding to the development of research capacities in low income countries in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. The stated aims of the 2014-2018 ISP, which is the subject of this evaluation, align with Sida’s interests in promoting the role of scientific knowledge for addressing development challenges and contributing to social and economic development. Three specific objectives (SOs) structure the ISP and are concerned with (a) improved organisation, conditions for and planning of research and training, (b) greater production of high quality research outputs and (c) increased relevance and use of trained graduates and research results for society. The ISP fulfils a direct, facilitating and promotive role in supporting scientific activities in its partner research groups and university departments. Based on a review of the programme and its activities, this evaluation takes stock of the results achieved and aims to provide new thinking on the future development of the ISP.

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