Evaluation of AAU’s Core Programmes and projects under the Core Programme 2013–2017, with particular focus on Sida’s institutional and program support 2013–2017

Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Adam Pain , Catherine Ngugi , Michael Cross , Jennifer Sesabo
The AAU at present has three key functions: convening, setting the intellectual agenda and implementing key programmes and projects. The convening power has been strengthened over time and AAU has significantly developed its capacities to manage a comprehensive programme of work. In one area, notably in Knowledge Management and ICT the AAU has an emerging core strength. However the breadth of AAU’s programme may have contributed to the fact that in the eyes of external observers that were interviewed the specific role and contribution of AAU is not entirely clear. We have been struck by the continuity of the AAU’s programme framework across the three strategy plan periods which stands in contrast to the dynamics of change in the African HEI landscape. But the team also detected within the AAU an ambition to reposition itself at a higher level in the future. The programme is relevant to Sida’s Strategy for Research Cooperation and internal training activities and the operations of AAU’s small grants programme has been exemplary in terms of efficiency, and governance structures are generally effective. In terms of sustainability, there is little doubt that there are key parts of the AAU programme such as COREVIP which are central to its identity and clearly owned. However, the evaluation has been constrained by a lack of relevant data and analysis at the outcome and contribution level.

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