Evaluation of Swedish Civil Society Support in Albania

Final Report

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Series number:
Maj 2018
Cecilia M Ljungman , Ada Huibregtse , Christina Paabøl Thomsen
The evaluation of Swedish support to civil society in Albania was commissioned by the Swedish Embassy in Tirana through the framework agreement on evaluation services. The evaluation concludes that the support channelled through AWEN, CRD, OPC, and REC to 72 Albanian civil society organisations is contextually relevant and is contributing to civil society vibrancy and pluralism. It is also producing important results both in relation to civil society capacity development and changes in society. The evaluation recommends that the future Swedish civil society support to Albania continue to build on the foundation that has been achieved through many years of consistent support. It also suggest how the Embassy and the intermediaries can further strengthen the support during the remainder of the programme period.

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