Evaluation at Sida Annual Report 2017

Sida Studies in Evaluation

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Sida Studies in Evaluation
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June 2018
The purpose of this annual report is to provide an overview of evaluations commissioned by Sida units and foreign missions that were published in 2017 and to briefly present results and observations from these 33 evaluations. The majority of evaluations were programme evaluations and were carried out within 14 out of Sweden’s 44 results strategies. They covered ten of Sida’s twelve main sectors. For a majority of the evaluated programmes, relevance was assessed as high, the effectiveness satisfactory whereas efficiency, sustainability and impact were more varied depending on the specific programme, its governance structure, context and connectedness to other programmes and initiatives. Approximately a third of the evaluations described a performance that was more than satisfactory. Two evaluated programmes were assessed to be unsatisfactory. There were two recurrent conclusions in the evaluations. First, that individual and organizational capacity development are interdependent and need to be approached as a whole. Second, that governance structures and processes that favour ownership creates better conditions for effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. The evaluations are of direct use to Sida and partners to improve design and implementation and for learning. Brief summaries are provided for all evaluations. The total cost for Sida commissioned evaluations was about 22 MSEK.

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