Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence: Expressions and Strategies

[Thematic Overview]

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Gender Tool Box
Ending gender-based violence (GBV) and ensuring women’s security is a priority for the Swedish government, a priority reflected in central objectives of Swedish policy for development cooperation. Sida defines GBV as any harm or suffering that is perpetrated against a woman or girl, man or boy and that has negative impact on the physical, sexual or psychological health, development or identity of the person. The cause of this violence is founded in gender-based inequalities and discrimination. GBV is the most extreme expression of these unequal gender relations in society, and a violation of human rights, as well as a main hindrance of the achievement of gender equality. In Sida’s work an important point of departure is that GBV is preventable, which entails a focus on the root causes of violence and on possibilities for change.

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