Evaluation of EuroMed Rights Promotion of Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa

Final Report

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Series number:
September 2017
Jérôme Gouzou , Kimiko Hibri Pedersen , Kristoffer Engstrand
This report presents the findings of the evaluation of EuroMed Rights’ (EMR) programme “Promotion of Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa” for the period 2014–2016. The evaluation shows that EMR’s programme manages to achieve interesting, and sometimes impressive results. It is primarily a programme that implements high-quality activities (working/solidarity groups, advocacy) based on appropriate content for effective transfer of skills and exchange of information/knowledge. These highly relevant activities deliver direct results of high quality contributing to evidence of change at outcome, up to impact level (influence on legal frameworks and policy documents at EU, and sometimes EU member states levels). Beyond the effectiveness of its programme, EMR is perceived as very relevant by its members and highly professional, competent and reliable organisation whose advocacy material is appreciated by a wide range of actors.

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