End of Strategy Evaluation of the Zanzibar Legal Services Centre

Final Report

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Series number:
September 2017
Greg Moran , Clarence Kipobota , Johanna Lindgren Garcia
This report, which has been commissioned by the Swedish Embassy in Tanzania, presents a review of the Zanzibar Legal Services Centre, a legal aid and human rights based NGO in Zanzibar. The evaluation is based on the ZLSC’s five year strategic plan (2013–17) and is thus an end of strategy evaluation. Based on this, the work of the ZLSC, and the strategic plan, are judged as relevant at the time of adoption and largely relevant in the period under review. The ZLSC has made good progress towards the objectives in the strategic plan and has been largely effective and efficient. There are good examples of positive outcomes and some examples of impact at the higher level. While organisational sustainability has improved, the fact that the new legal aid policy for Zanzibar will still rely heavily on civil society organisations to provide the actual services means that the ZLSC will continue to need to be supported by development partners for many years to come.

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