Evaluation of Sida’s research cooperation with Bolivia, 2007–2016

Synthesis Report July 2017

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Series number:
July 2017
Ananda S. Millard , Matti Tedre , Erik W. Thulstrup , Manuel Ramiro Munoz , Pamela Velasco
This report presents the findings and conclusions of an evaluation of the Swedish research cooperation with Bolivia. Swedish research cooperation with two Bolivian universities – the University Mayor of San Andres (UMSA) in La Paz and the University Mayor of San Simon (UMSS) in Cochabamba was initiated in 2000 – and support to the Bolivian Vice Ministry for Science and Technology (VMCyT) was initiated in 2008 and the current funding phase is due to end in 2017. The purpose of this evaluation has been to assess the impact of this funding in the period from 2007 to 2016 in building research capacity as well as a research environment; and to identify and provide key knowledge that can support the development of a national and institutional research plan that leads to sustainable results following a next tentative funding phase.

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