Evaluation of Swedish International Training Programme (ITP); Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation (2007-2011) - Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Eric Buhl-Nielsen , Jérôme Gouzou , Kris B. Prasada Rao , Tine Irming Blomhøj
Sida commissioned an evaluation of the ITP 261 Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation programme 2007-2012 covering 17 programmes. Findings: 1) Concrete results are evident at individual but less so at organisational level, 2) the linkage to development cooperation was weak, 3) the change projects did not provide compelling evidence of change, 4) the course adapted well to circumstances during the programmes, 5) networking vision was weak. Recommendations: 1) Sida and SMHI should favour regional programmes, 2) Sida should commission capacity gap analysis, 3) SMHI should develop cooperation agreements with participating organisations, 4) SMHI should partner with regional capacity development institutions, 5) SMHI should improve monitoring/ mentoring.

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