End of Programme Evaluation of Forum Syd’s Social Accountability Programme in Tanzania (SAPT) 2010-2014 - Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Annika Nilsson , Clarence Kipobota , Flora Myamba
Forum Syd has developed a pilot programme on social accountability (SAPT) in three districts in north-western Tanzania. It aimed at increasing the accountability of local governments and empowering poor and marginalised citizens - especially women, youth, persons with disabilities and person living with HIV – to influence quality of government plans and services. The evaluation showed that the pilot programme after three years had indeed resulted in improved dialogue between local government and citizens as well as increased citizen engagement and participation in the targeted districts. The pilot program is relevant to the context and has demonstrated potential. However, the programme has been organised and implemented ineffectively and inefficiently. It needs substantial modification before bringing to scale.

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