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Sida 2015

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Financing for Development has gradually started to be integrated into development work in the international arena, one of the reasons being that funds from private parties today represents aproximatelly 80 per cent of the total fl ow of resources to low and middle-income countries. Studies by IFCshow that it is the private sector that creates many of the new, sustainable job opportunities that are one of the most important factors in eradicating poverty. Despite the fact that there has been an overall increase in aid during the 2000’s, it constitutes a decreasing percentage of the total fl ows to low and middleincome countries. In this context ODA can in addition to the other functions, be a catalytical tool that unlocks other funds available for sustainable development. In addition to Sweden, several other countries, including Germany, Holland and the UK, undertake work on fi nancing for development, as does the supranational organisation OECD DAC and a number of private and philanthropic players.

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