Evaluation of Cultural Heritage without Borders (2008–2011)

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Cecilia M. Ljungman , Dr. June Taboroff
This evaluation report of CHwB forms part of the dialogue between Sida and CHwB regarding a possible future phase of support in the Western Balkans. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide Sida with input for the assessment and preparation of the upcoming phase; provide Sida with a broader understanding of CHwB’s capabilities in conflict or post-conflict contexts; and contribute to CHwB’s own development by assessing its methodologies and tools. The evaluation was conducted from June to September 2011 by Cecilia M. Ljungman (Team Leader) and Dr. June Taboroff (Cultural Resource Specialist). It covered CHwB’s 2008–2011 Western Balkan Programme, to which Sida contributed SEK 33,7 million. It included interviews with stakeholders in Sweden, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo, as well as participation in CHwB’s regional workshops and site visits in the region.

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