Evaluation of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme 2008–2010

Publication date:
Sida Review
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Stefan Dahlgren , Bourhan Kreitem , Khalid Othman Al-Yahya , Indevelop AB
This evaluation provides Sida, OECD, and stakeholders in the region with information on the results of the Investment Programme. The evaluation concentrated on Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan, which are four of the countries that have received most attention by the Programme. It assesses the Programme against the criteria effectiveness, relevance and efficiency (cost-effectiveness). It is based on reports and studies initiated by the Programme, interviews in the four countries, carried out in June and July 2011, and on statistics on economic activities. The impact of the programme will primarily be at the national level. The character of the Programme makes it difficult to attribute positive changes in investments, employment, economic growth and poverty alleviation directly to the Programme but it is possible to assess the relevance, and through reports and interviews, confirm activities and obtain indications of likely outcomes and impact.

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