Evaluation of Swedish – East African Music Network 2008 – 2011, A cultural programme in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda implemented by Selam

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluations (Sida Review)
Series number:
Annica Holmberg , Indevelop AB
This is a final evaluation of the Sida supported three year regional programme Swedish-East African Music Network (SEAMN, June 2008 - June 2011), implemented by Selam, a Swedish NGO working with culture. The evaluation looks into the achievements at national and regional levels, analysing the outcomes and impact that the programme approach has had on the different target groups and sectors within the music industry at country level. The study also raises questions on the future support to the target groups of SEAMN and the possibilities for Selam to continue to be an innovative actor in the East African region.

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