Outcome Review of Sida's Development Cooperation with Armenia 1999 – 2009: Final report

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Sida Review
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Madeleine Elmqvist , Lars Rylander
In 2007, the Swedish government decided to limit the number countries to which development cooperation was extended. Armenia was one of the countries where the bilateral cooperation was to be phased out, and part of the decision was to undertake a review of the outcome of the cooperation programme. This report covers the period between 1999 and 2009, and has its focus on nine major interventions. Two of these started already in 1999 – the institutional support to the cadastral system and to labour market authorities. Soon support to forest development, social statistics was added, as well as a focus on social and gender issues, and two programmes promoting gender equality were initiated. The orientation towards human rights and democracy was further emphasised in the cooperation strategy for 2006 – 2009. During the period 1999 – 2009

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