Mapping and review of Sida’s Assistance to Land Policy Report, Land administration and Land Governance

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UTV Working Paper
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Bo Tegnäs , Ann-Katrine Myles , Henrik Alffram , Mats Lundberg
Study purpose and approach In Sida’s Working Group for Land Issues commissioned this study with the purpose to “map out Sida’s land interventions and make a synthesis of conclusions and lessons learnt from previous reviews, so as to improve the understanding of how Sida has worked with land issues so far and with what results in order to inform Sida’s policy and priorities for the future. An additional purpose is to identify strategic evaluation questions as a basis for planning for a possible more in-depth strategic evaluation on the topic at a later stage”. The study team utilised Sida’s and Lantmäteriet’s archives and also contacted a wide range of actors that has been involved in relevant Sida-supported activities over the last 10 years.

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