Evaluation of Children’s Literature Programme in Middle East and North African region, 2006-2009

Publication date:
Sida Review
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Nora Ingdal , Emad Thawrat
The report in hand is the outcome of an external evaluation of the Children’s Literature cooperation in the Middle East and North African region (MENA) 2006-2009. The main purpose was two-fold: a result-based evaluation in order to assess to which extent the programme’s objectives, purpose and expected results were achieved; and secondly to assess the capacity and ownership aspects of the ALF as an implementing partner of the programme. The overall goal of the Children Literature Programme (CLP) was to strengthen the intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and emotional development of children in the MENA region. The expected results centred on three levels; developing a holistic approach for promoting Children Literature (CL), building capacity for CL at the national levels in the five targeted countries and facilitating exchange on a regional level between the HIs and partners. In the current work plan (2010-11), a fourth result on increasing the visibility and support for the programme within the Arab countries and the Euromed region was included

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