Gender Aware Approaches in Agricultural Programmes – International Literature Review

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UTV Working Paper
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Ambra Gallina
The International Literature Review (ILR) is part of a study on ‘gender-aware approaches in agriculture’. It aims at identifying success cases, lessons learnt, and gaps in knowledge that can be taken forward into both the review of Sida’s documentation and the interviews at Sida headquarters, as well as during fieldwork in the selected countries. The review aims to address the following questions: which methodologies and instruments have been used by donors to widen the scope of women’s agency in agricultural development programmes; to what extent has the work of programmes on involving female farmers impacted upon overall agricultural outcomes and; what are the most important lessons; what is working well and what is working not so well (effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability)? The paper is based on an extensive literature review of programme/project documentation.

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