Rights and Responsibilities; The Environment of Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

Publication date:
Sida Review
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Kim Forss , Margareta Larsson , Tara Sharma
The purpose of the Sida funded interventions in Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (YSRHR) has been to create an enabling environment, where young people have access to information, have a voice in respect of life choices, and can protect themselves from a number of ills, for example early pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and teenage marriages. The programme started in 1999 and has evolved through three phases; an inception and formulation phase 1999–2002, a full scale implementation 2003–2007, and a phasing out phase 2008 through 2009. At the centre of the programme there was an institutional collaboration between RFSU and MAMTA, two initially rather dissimilar organisations but with a common interest in adolescents and reproductive health. Their collaboration has been mutually beneficial and both have learnt from the partnership.

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