Panos Southern Africa’s Communicating HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa Project, 2005–2008

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Sida Review
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Jolly Kamwanga , Richard Mutemwa
The PANOS radio listening clubs have proved to be an effective means of communicating not only HIV and AIDS issues but other development issues within communities. The female radio clubs proved more effective than the male radio clubs. Interviews revealed that communities with the radio listening clubs were more likely to have tested for HIV than those without. Despite the quality of HIV and AIDS reporting in the media deemed as low, community radios were more effective in relaying HIV messages than national or private radios. Journalists sponsored under the PANOS fellowship programme dabbed Global trend and access to treatment for all helped increase interest amongst journalist and media houses on HIV and AIDS reporting. Another key success under the PANOS programme was the development of a HIV and AIDS training manual for journalists. However, the expectations raised by PANOS were high and communities requested for transport to attend the Radio listening clubs. The media gaps in HIV reporting though improving still need more funding to build the capacity of media houses and journalists

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