The Accra Agenda for Action From a Democracy, Human Rights and Gender Equality Perspective:

A Broadened and More Inclusive Aid Effectiveness Agenda

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Team Democracy , Public Administration
The aid effectiveness agenda has become broader as a result of the inclusion of gender equality, HR and environment, of broadening ownership to include non-government actors and of broadening the mutual accountability principle to also embrace domestic accountability. The aid effectiveness agenda has become more inclusive by emphasising the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in development cooperation and the role of parliaments, local governments, local CSOs, media, and the private sector in the development process of the partner countries. The demand-side of governance, i.e. the claims of citizens, is given increased emphasis. By including gender equality, HR and environment in the agenda and by putting more emphasis on results, the agenda has further increased the focus on effectiveness of aid, i.e. on outcomes and impacts.

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