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Between 1995 and 2005 SEK 1,2 billion was spent on Sidas Integrated Area Programmes that, in accordance with the Dayton Peace Agreement,  aimed to re-establish displaced Bosnians in their homes. Assisted by Sida and its partners, the returnees have been able to rebuild almost 15 000 houses, to which 50 000 persons have now returned.  This is an evaluation of what happened, socially and economically, after people had returned. Did, for example, the return form a starting point for social integration or reconciliation? Do returnees feel at home now that they have returned? Have they been able to survive economically? Do they intend to stay on in their rebuilt homes? Did they want to return in the first place?  Finally this evaluation assesses to what extent the actual strategy of the Sida programmes and decisions made on the ground had any effect on these questions.    

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