Transboundary Water Cooperation in MENA

Water and Sanitation Brief

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Cooperation around shared water resources has the potential to promote trust between countries and to be an instrument for larger cooperation. This is highly important for the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where water scarcity and conflicts are a threat to enhanced well-­being. Sweden supports efforts to improve regional cooperation in MENA in order to achieve sustainable, fair and efficient use of water. The MENA region is considered the most water-­scarce region in the world. It is estimated that currently over 60 million people lack access to drinking water and over 70 million people lack access to adequate sanitation in the region. The water resources are often shared between two or more nations, and there is a heavy reliance on groundwater resources. Climate change will act as a multiplier of already existing stresses and further affect water availability and quality.

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