Evaluation of ITP 299 – Strategies for Chemicals Management

Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Ali Dastgeer , Abigail Hansen , Adriana Jalba , Alicia Borges Månsson
The main purpose of the evaluation of this International Training Programme was to identify results, collect lessons learned and provide recommendations for future design and implementation of ITPs in chemicals management. Eighty-two ITP participants from ten countries were interviewed; drawing from both ITP 299 and its predecessor ITP 258. The evaluation found both ITPs to be efficiently executed and highly effective. The ITP objectives have been relevant and in line with the policies of the governments and international conventions regarding chemicals management. Participants were immensely satisfied with the courses. They applied knowledge and skills gained in change management projects that have generally yielded positive results in the span of time allocated to them. The evaluation recommended, amongst other things, KemI making more explicit links between chemicals management and human rights, specialised modules, tracking outcomes and fostering greater networking and knowledge sharing amongst ITP alumni.

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