Mid Term Review of the Agadir Technical Unit and the Swedish International Development Agency, Sida funded project “Support Quality Infrastructure in Agadir Countries”

Final report

Publication date:
Sida Decentralised Evaluation
Series number:
July 2017
Ali Dastgeer , Bourhan Kreitem , Jens Andersson , Stefano Ciarli
This mid-term review of the 2nd phase of the Support to Quality Infrastructure in Agadir Countries (SQIA) was commissioned to provide Sida, the Agadir Technical Unit and Swedac (the implementing agency) with an independent assessment of the project. The project appears as relevant at first sight, but it is unclear to what extent it is technical barriers that hinder trade within the region, given the many other factors that obstruct intra-regional trade. The overall design was too ambitious. Most progress in outputs related to the organisation of project implementation, rather than with the actual harmonisation process. There was no evidence of achievement of project outcomes. The project has led to increased dialogue amongst the four countries, and increased awareness and knowledge. However, that has come at considerable expense and cannot justify the time and resources invested into the project.

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