Evaluation of the Sida Child and Youth Initiative 2011-2015 - Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Annika Nilsson , Monika Lundin
The Child and Youth Initiative (CYI) was a political steering tool, of unprecedented speed and scale, adopted in December 2010. Between 2011 and 2015, a total of 758 MSEK was provided to 13 selected civil society organisations. The evaluation assesses the effects and sustainability of CYI on the longer term policies and practices of grantees. The evaluation found that such results varied a lot between grantees. Success factors were a) longer timeframes for planning and implementation b) explicit objectives for internal capacity development c) ability to make strategic use of the funding rather than gap filling and extensions of existing work. The evaluation concludes that, despite a few notable achievements, large, short term, financial injections in long term development cooperation are generally not effective.

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