Aggregating the results that arise from Sida’s investment in Tanzanian Civil Society in 2014 - Final Report

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Sida Studies in Evaluation
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Dr. Kate McAlpine
The purpose of this study was to create knowledge about the results that are being achieved by Sida’s civil society organization (CSO) partners, to start to understand the relationship between partners’ interventions and the results, and to articulate a theory of change that can underpin Sida’s investment in Tanzanian civil society. This study conducts a grounded theory analysis of the 2014 annual reports of ten CSOs in Tanzania who partner with Sida. Evidence is presented that citizens and CSO actors strive to improve themselves after learning about their rights, and developing the self-efficacy and confidence to claim these rights. Young people and women are developing a growing voice; and there are signs of increasing mutuality between the State, CSOs and the media. Based on the findings in this report Sida can theorize that when people know that they have entitlements, and understand the protections due to them, they stop self-censoring and start to make demands.

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