Evaluation of Sida’s use of guarantees for market development and poverty reduction - Case Studies for Evaluation report

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Carnegie Consult
The overall objective of this report is to deepen Sida’s knowledge about the guarantee instrument as a tool for market development and poverty reduction. The focus of the evaluation is on lessons learned from four specific interventions, as to the extent to which the guarantee instrument actually manages to bring about the expected and desired changes, possible hurdles met, either unforeseen problems or possible misconceptions in the design, and ultimately on ways to improve the working of the instrument in the future. The evaluation was carried out by Carnegie Consult with the support of associates and local consultants. Consultants involved in the assignment include Hans Slegtenhorst, Mart Nugteren, Alwin de Haas, Rien Strootman, Marie Heydenreich, Paulo Luswata, Nino Serdarevic, Anders Grettve and Bart Schaap. Anders Berlin and Camilla Rubensson from the Unit for Loans and Guarantees of Sida and Sofia Ericsson from the Unit for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation joined two field missions as observers.

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