Evaluation of the Union of Tanzania Press Clubs Strategic Plan 2011-2015 - Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Per Oesterlund , Neil MacDonald , Annemarie Mavenjina Nkelame , Rashweat Mukundu
The Union of Tanzania Press Cubs, UTCP, is an umbrella organisation, which supports a total of 28 local Press Clubs all over the country. The organisation describes its vision as: “A democratic Tanzania fully embracing a free, independent and robust media”, and the mission is formulated as: “To create an environment that enables strong, efficient and effective Press Clubs in Tanzania which eventually contribute towards a democratic and just society.” The evaluation concludes that the UTPC does have the potential to contribute to a democratic development in Tanzania as described in the vision and mission statements. It is the only member based media organisation with a national coverage.

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