Evaluation of Sida’s International Training Programme in Child Rights, Classroom and School Management - Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Cecilia M Ljungman , Monika Lundin , Sarah Gharbi , Ian Christoplos
The International Training Programme (ITP) “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”, implemented by Lund University, trained 630 participants from 28 countries over 13 years. The evaluation assesses relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. It concludes that the programme was successful in producing a cadre of change agents committed to making a difference for children in the school system. Over time, and with a critical role played by change agent networks at country level, the programme contributed to significant wider effects. Meanwhile, Sida/ Swedish embassies missed opportunities to promote synergies. Given the high relevance of the subject area; the ability to achieve results on the ground; and, Sweden’s leading expertise in the area; the evaluation recommends that Sida strongly considers continuing the programme. Lessons learnt for the benefit of Sida, future ITP organisers and child rights in education actors are provided

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