Evaluation of the Swedish support to KA.DER - increasing the number of women in decision making processes in Turkey - Final Report

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Sida Decentralised Evaluation
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Annika Nilsson , Zeynep Baser Kubiena
Sweden has supported a programme, aiming at increasing women’s political participation in Turkey. It was implemented by KA.DER, a prominent member based, women’s right organisation. The strategies used by KA.DER included media campaigns, trainings for women candidates, monitoring and research. The evaluation found that, despite some prominent individual examples, the share of women in political positions is still very low. It is observed that both the difficult political context and the ineffective approaches taken by KA.DER have contributed to this lack of progress. The evaluation concludes that in order to improve results, the programme needs to be modified, and the governance weaknesses of KA.DER need to be addressed. Specific measures for strengthening the organisational capacity and the strategic approaches are suggested.

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