Mapping of EU blending Project: Sida and EU blending

Publication date:
UTV Working Paper
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Ingrid Hultquist
An increasing proportion of the EU aid budget is used for blending, where grants are combined with loans, guarantees and investment capital. During 2014-2020 the EU is allocating 5 billion euros in grants for the EU blending. Sida has since April 2015 stepped up its efforts to become more involved in the EU-blending. The purpose of the mapping is to present an overview of EU blending with a focus on volumes, geographic and thematic coverage as well as governance structure of the different blending facilities. The first part explains EU blending on a general level presenting its geographic and thematic scope, volumes of funds as well as the overall governance structure. The second part describes the various EU blending investment facilities with a focus on purpose, volume of grants, geographic scope, sectors, type of support and governance. The third part explains the role of the financial institutions and briefly introduces the most common participating financial institutions. The mapping is a factual report and can be used as a reference document depending on the interest of the reader, and need not be read cover to cover.

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