Support to Capacity Development – Identifying Good Practice in Swedish Development Cooperation Sida Evaluation Sida Evaluation Report for the Joint Scandinavian Evaluation of Support to Capacity Development

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Sida Evaluation
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Gonçalo Carneiro , Kristina Boman , Birgitte Woel , Arne Nylund
This report presents an evaluation of Sida support to capacity development. The purpose was to generate knowledge that will enable the evidence-based design of strategies for capacity development, provide evidence of the extent to which Swedish support to capacity development has been relevant, effective and efficient, and to generate knowledge about the impact of capacity development interventions. The evaluation includes an analysis of documentation from 29 projects, followed by country-studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia and Kenya. The evaluation concluded that Sida supported interventions have made a very important contribution to capacity development results in partner organisations and that the Swedish support, in general, was adequate for the requirements of the capacity development processes. In addition, a set of good practices relative to donor support to capacity development in partner organisations was elaborated. The evaluation notes that fostering capacities in partner countries has been a recurrent objective of Swedish development cooperation, but that in the last decade capacity development has lost part of the centrality it previously had in Sida’s work. The Sida evaluation is part of an evaluation conducted jointly with Denmark and Norway. The three parallel evaluation reports were produced based on the portfolio of each agency, and will be summarised in a joint synthesis report to be delivered in 2016.

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