Evaluation of the Strategy for Support via Swedish Civil Society Organisations 2010-2014 Final Country Report - Uganda

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Sida Decentralised Evaluations (Sida Review)
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Patta Scott-Villiers , Richard Ssewakiryanga , Eberhard Gohl , Josephine Ahikire
This report shares the findings and recommendations from an evaluation of Sweden’s Civil Society Strategy 2010–2014 as implemented by Swedish civil society organisations and their national partners in Uganda, as one of three country studies. The purpose of the evaluation was to find out if, how and why/why not Sweden’s support to civil society organisations has contributed to the overall objectives of the strategy. The Reality Check Approach was used to understand the realities and perspectives of people living in poverty combined with ‘mesolevel’ and organisational inquiries. The findings were used to explore the theories of change of the organisations in relation to people’s realities, in order to analyse the strategy’s relevance, alignment and feasibility. Related reports; Final Synthesis Report - 2015:36 Final Country Report - Pakistan 2015:38 Sida Decentralised Evaluation 2015:39

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