Supporting Civil Society Organizations for Empowerment and Economics Progress of Small Farmers and People Living in Poverty - Results and Effects of Sida's Framework Agreement with Swedish Cooperative Centre

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Sida Evaluation
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Hans Peter Dejgaard , Jocke Nyberg , Anders Rudqvist
The Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC) is one of 14 organisations that have entered into framework funding agreements with Sida in 2007. The overall purpose of the evaluation is to assess the relevance and results of SCC's development cooperation in relation to the objectives of Sida/SEKA and of SCC. The evaluation examine projects in Paraguay, Honduras, Kenya and Zambia. A key conclusion of the evaluation is that SCC's programme is relevant in terms of the objectives of the partners, of SCC and of Sida/SEKA. The objectives of SCC partners are couched in terms such as building citizenship increasing organisational capacity, empowering people living in poverty, increasing the leadership of women, promoting sustainable agricultural methods, etc. Almost all the partners work with a clear objective of creating what is often called citizenship. This is an aspect integrated into the cooperative model.  

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