The Beira-Gothenburg Twinning Programme

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Arne Heileman , Lennart Peck
This report presents the findings and conclusions of an evaluation of the twinning programme between the cities of Beira and Gothenburg. The study has been undertaken by Lennart Peck of ICS Interconsult Sweden AB (team leader) and Arne Heilemann, Chief Executive of the Municipality of Lørenskog, Norway, in 1995. The twinning activities started in 1990 and have included financial management, waste collection management, land and property management, general municipal management as well as support in other areas, including culture and environmental protection. The purpose of the study has been to present an independent assessment of the programme for future planning and to draw lessons of a general nature regarding twinning as a model for co-operation. The report is also available in portugese.

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