Telecommunications - A Swedish Contribution to Development. Evaluation of BITS' support to the telecommunincations development

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Sida Evaluation
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Lars Rylander , Ulf Rundin
Support in various forms through BITS (Swedish Board for investment and Technical Support), and the Swedish Export Credit Scheme, to the development of telecommunications amounts to around SEK 5 billion during the period 1987 - 1994. About 54 per cent of disbursed funds has been for projects in China. Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco have received a little over 30 per cent. The concessionary credits have mainly been used to finance network development and extension through supply and installation of public exchanges. The evaluation includes 67 completed projects to the compound grant element value of SEK 1 600 million incl SEK 70 million in technical assistance during 1987-1994. The study focuses on identifying the results and impact of the support in relation to the needs of telecommunications development in developing countries. It also includes recommendations for a method for appraisal (ex ante) and evaluation (ex post) of telecommunications projects with particular reference to possible secondary effects.

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