Building Research Capacity in Ethiopia

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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E W Thulstrup , M Fekadu , A Negewo
SAREC's programme in Ethiopia has explicitly targeted capacity building and has attempted to provide all components: training, cooperative partners, equipment and other physical facilities, consumables and literature. SAREC's counterpartin the cooperation is the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission (ESTC). The support since the late 1970s amounts to SEK 155 million. The aim of the evaluation has been to assess the results and the efficiency of the Ethio-Swedish bilateral research cooperation and the working relationship between SAREC and ESTC. The evaluation includes all projects financed through the bilateral ESTC/SAREC cooperation. Although, the focus has been on the overall cooperation of the programme, based on impressions and data from individual projects. The key material has been financial input analyses and output in theform of scientific results and capacity building, especially training.

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