Sida/SAREC's Marine Science Programs

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Sida Evaluation
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Jan Rudengren , Per Brinck , Brian Davy
Bilateral Programs in Tanzania and Mozambique and the Regional Program of East Africa Sida/SAREC's marine science programs in East Africa were established in the mid-1980s to address the increasing concerns about marine resource mismanagement. THere was also a realization that the developing countries must enhance their knowledge of marine if they are to be able to manage their marine and coastal resources. This evaluation covers three Sida/SAREC marine science programs in East Africa: The Bilateral Program with Mozambique that started in 1985, the Bilateral Program with Tanzania that started in 1990, and the East African component of the Regional Program, which was started in 1992. The evaluation was carried out during the period December 1995 - February 1996.

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