Rural Development and Democratisation in Russia and Estonia - An evaluation of Sida's support to three projects in Russia and Estonia

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Sida Evaluation
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Paul Dixelius , Camilla Grammer , Dan Hjalmarsson
The purpose of the evaluation is to acquire knowledge about relevance, effects, impact, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the Swedish (Sida) support and to identify features of a model for future projects. The three projects are: Improvement of Local Development in Pryazha, October 1997-December 2000; Local Partnership and Democracy Development in Arkhangelsk County, June 1999-three years; Kodukant in Estonia, 1992-1996. The evaluation is based on desk research, visits and interviews in Russia, Estonia and Sweden and a thorough documentation and analysis. Project approaches, content and procedures are studied. Conclusions are drawn and an assessment is performed regarding a model for develop-ment projects in transition countries.

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