Tackling Turmoil of Transition - An evaluation of lessons from Vietnam-Sweden Health Cooperation 1994 to 2000

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Sida Evaluation
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Alf Morten Jerve , Gunilla Krantz , Pham Bich San , Paul Spivey , Tran Tuan , Claes Örtendahl
The evaluation forms part of a planning process preparing for a possible continuation of the Vietnam-Sweden Health Cooperation beyond mid-2002. It provides an independent assessment of lessons and main achievements of activities covered by the 1994-1999 agreement, based on interviews and review of programme documents. The agreement represented an ambitious scheme backed by SEK 250 million for health sector reform including both new policies to meet the challenges of the transition to market economy, and the necessary institutional development of the Ministry of Health. There was a special objective to reduce inequity in health. The primary foci of the policy reform agenda were on health financing, primary health care and drugs. The equity concern led to the setting aside of about one-third of the budget to the improvement of health service delivery in remote areas.

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