Swedish NGO Co-operation with Belarus - Evaluation of a programme implemented by Forum Syd

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Peter Winai
The purpose of this evaluation has been to assess results attained through the programme NGO-co-operation with Belarus, implemented by ForumSyd, and to provide a basis for planning and further decisions on NGO-cooperation with Belarus. The study has focused on qualitative aspects. Information has been analysed from participating Belarusian organizations, their Swedish partners etc. The Staircase model and the Octagon has been applied as diagnostic tools. Visible results have been achieved. Funds appear to be channelled to areas, in line with Swedish objectives. Main effects on the Belarus NGO:s are  The realisation of visions through the establishment and running of an organisation;  The adoption of professional methods in work to enable implementation of goals. But the organisations are still weak financially and in terms of system resources.

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