Review of PAHOs project - Towards an Integrated Model of Care for Family Violence in Central America. Final Report

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Sida Evaluation
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Mary Ellsberg , Carme Clavel Arcas
The Pan American Health Organization has implemented the project, "Towards an integrated model of care of family violence: Expansion and consolidation of interventions coordinated by the state and civil society", since 1995. The Swedish and Norwegian governments have supported the project in the seven countries of Central America during two periods; the first from 1995-1997 and the second from 1998-2001. The overall objective of the project is: The existence of inter-sectoral responses at the community level in Central America to address the social problem of family violence against women. The purpose of the project is: Integrated Model Approach to Family Violence in the health sector consolidated and in operation in 30 communities in Central America.

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