Swedish Support to Local Self Governance in Mongolia

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
Series number:
Nils Öström , Lennart Lundquist
Sida's support for Capacity Building for Local Self Governance in Mongolia was evaluated in November 1999, through interviews with main actors and trainees in Ulaan Baatar and in nine provinces. The project includes training of local politicians and administrative staff, twinning collaborations with local governments in Sweden, strengthening of the national support association and policy research institutions. The evaluation is based on project documentation available at Sida, UNDP in Mongolia and at the Swedish partners in the cooperation; visits to seven aimags; meetings in Ulaan Baatar with representatives of the Cabinet Secretariat, UNDP, the Mongolian Association of Local Governments, the Institute for Administration and Management Development, the Local Government Development Foundation, the Poverty Alleviation Programme and the Public Sector Reform Programme.

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