Twinning Cooperation between Riga Water Company and Stockholm Water Company

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Sida Evaluation
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Martti Lariola , Sven Öhlund , Bengt Håkansson , Indulis Emsis
Sida's grant funding for the implementation of Riga Water Environment Project is estimated to amount to SEK 37.1 million in 1995 - 2000. SEK 20.3 million has been allocated for the wastewater treatment plant investments, and SEK 16.8 million for twinning and preparation of tender documents. The total project cost is about USD 104.7 million. The overall objective of the twinning arrangement between Riga Water and Stockholm Water Company was to enhance water and wastewater management practices to achieve sustainable effects through the investment project. A Corporate Development Plan was rightly chosen as a management tool for comprehensive utility transformation. The report is essentially qualitative, based on over 30 in-depth interviews with the primary sources of information. Additional documentation, including the annual reports and financial data has been used as supporting information.

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